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Press pause on cellular aging.

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Automate your health

We start by sequencing your epigenome, which unlike DNA reveals your changing health and rate of aging.

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Future cardiovascular events (heart attack, stroke, etc.)
Development of hypertension
Development of type 2 diabetes
Aging rate
Childhood allergies (asthma, rhinitis, eczema)
Effects of fasting
Diet quality
Alcohol consumption
Smoking & tobacco consumption
Coffee consumption
Polyunsaturated fatty acid consumption
Exercise effects
Future coronary heart disease
Multiple sclerosis severity & progression
Peanut allergy
Late-onset asthma in adults
Colon cancer
Liver cancer
Early lung cancer
Stomach cancer
Early breast cancer
Early preeclampsia
Early colorectal cancer
Future Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Alzheimer's disease
KMT2B-related dystonia
Kidney function and progression of diabetic kidney disease

Preserve your cells

We also provide cell storage, where we freeze your cells so they can replace your older cells in the future.

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